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The Tryptich Winners - 23rd Jan 2024

Loch Morlich Sunrise - first place by Steve Michael

I took this shot on an autumnal morning at Loch Morlich. I had walked round the loch to try and get the best angle for the sunrise over the mountains and looked for some decent foreground interest. As the sky burst into colour I tried to take as many different compositions as possible. I was taking 9 shot bracketed pictures which I combined to HDR using lightroom. The shot was then split into 3 individual panes in photoshop with a bevel and emboss and drop shadow added for effect. The overall image was also blurred heavily to give a background for the triptych to sit on.

Shot using a Nikon D750,at f14, iso 100 at 17mm using a Tokina AT-X 17-35 F4 PRO FX

Steve Michael

Dunstanburgh Castle - 2nd = by Steve Michael

As I parked the car at Embleton Beach I could see the sunrise starting to develop. I ran along the edge of the golf course with my rucksack and tripod to try and catch it before it faded. Eventually clambering over the slippy rocks and wading into the sea I snapped the shot. Feeling pleased with myself but still out of breath the next wave came in around knee height and filled my wellies with ice cold water. Just what I needed on a cold December morning.

Image initially processed in lightroom but brought into photoshop to give the triptych effect.

Shot using a Nikon D750,at f14, iso 100 at 17mm using a Tokina AT-X 17-35 F4 PRO FX, exposure time of 1 second to get the blur in the water

Steve Michael

Flower Trio - 2nd = by Gillian Temple

This triptych of three flowers was created, by firstly taking images of the flowers in a studio setting with twin lights. Then a tweek in Photoshop to the raw file to have three flower photos.  I then created a template for the triptych which makes it easier to drop the images in. Arranging the images to make the outside images "face" inwards. I then created a drop shadow around each image.

Taken with my  Canon R5, 24-105mm Canon lens with an adapter.

Gillian Temple

The Aviators - 3rd place by Dennis Penny

“All three photographs were taken at Balado Airfield (nr Kinross). They were visiting the airfield which was hosting a Fly In event. A large number of aircraft attended, these were all vintages many being home built. Converting the images to black and white and adding a tone helped to keep the images connected while adding a vintage feel which seemed to feel right. “

Details for each of the 3 images are (Left to Right) :-

Olympus E-M1MarkII 100-400 +1.4 Tele (771mm) Shutter priority Metering Mode-Spot, ISO Equivalent-200, Exposure Time-1/800s, Aperture- ƒ/8.0


Canon EOS-1D X Mark II 100-400 +1.4Tele (348mm) Metering Mode-Partial, ISO Equivalent-2000, Exposure Time-1/1000s, Aperture-ƒ/8.0


Canon EOS-1D X Mark II 100-400 +1.4Tele (560mm) Metering Mode-Partial, ISO Equivalent-1000, Exposure Time-1/1000s, Aperture -ƒ/8.0

Dennis Penny

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