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2024 - Annual Competition - The story behind the winning images.

Colour Print

King Charles Puppies

The photo of the two King Charles puppies was a studio shot taken with a dark background and studio lights softened with large umbrellas.  The shot was taken with my Canon R5 24 - 105mm lens at 28mm with and ISO of 200, F9 and a shutter of 160.  The puppies were such a delight to photograph (and I got a cuddle). They have such individual characters, it was fun capturing that, but I had to work quickly to gather the shots I wanted before they got tired.

Gillian Temple

Mono Print


Full Gallop: I was pleased with this image when I downloaded it off the memory card, I had reduced my shutter speed down so I could achieve some movement in the two animals' legs and retaining the rest of the two subjects sharp. The image was of course taken at the Warwick rodeo, this competition requires the horseman to guide the calf round cones and through a gate, against the clock.

Equipment: Canon EOS5DS, 200mm f2/8 canon lens with x2 extender @ f/5.6, 1/320 sec, 400mm.

David Scott

Note - "Full Gallop" also gained the Silver Medal for the best overall image.


Open DPI


Handsome Beast: This image was taken on February 24th 2023, my last trip back home, I had been out on a photoshoot at Kilchurn Castle with David B and Ken, on our way back we came across a field of these highland coo's, great photo opportunity, in post-production I had a clear view of how I wanted to edit this image to make the beast pop and show off the sharpness and detail in the fur, also very pleased to have got a catch light in the eye.

Equipment: Canon EOS5DS, 200mm f/2.8 Canon lens @ f/2.8, 1/160 sec, 200mm.

David Scott

Nature DPI


The image of the Insect was taken when I was out for a walk around Lord Elgin's estate at Charlestown. The camera used was my Olympus OM-1 with a Olympus 40-150mm (80-300 35mmeqv.) lens. The settings were 1/1000sec at f2.8 ISO 800.

Dennis Penny

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