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4th Monthly competition, - The story behind the winning images

Updated: Feb 12

Colour Prints first place

THREE TULIPS by Gillian Temple

The three tulips were taken in a studio setting and positioned to bend together. After a basic edit a textured layer was added.


Gear was a Canon R5 an adapter and a 24-105mm lens used on a tripod and studio lighting to lift the shadows.

Gillian Temple

Mono Prints first place

COLLARED by David Scott

Like all my rodeo/campdraught photos this was taken at Warwick, Queensland.


The skill and balance these cowboys show off is very impressive to watch, this fellow controlling his horse with the lasso clenched in his teeth, its a sprint and he has an allotted time to lasso and tether the calf. For me this does make for a great action shot and the mono gives it that gritty appeal. The horse and calf do kick up a lot of dust, however I do create my own background dust to add atmosphere and to rid of distractions.


Equipment used: Canon EOS5DS, 70-200 f2.8 Canon lens.

David Scott

Digital Images (DPI) - first place

COMING IN by Ken Goodfellow

The photo was taken at Vane Farm, Loch Leven on a sunny morning in October. A large flock of

pink foot geese was flying overhead and decided to land in a field on the reserve. The photo was

taken just as the bird was about to land.

Camera - Canon R5 with a 100-500 RF lens and fitted with a 1.4 tele converter. 1/800 sec at f10, ISO 400.

Ken Goodfellow

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