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  1. The annual fees remain unchanged from 2023 – member £50, new member £40


  2. The weekly fee has increased from £1 to £2


  3. The visitors’ fee has  increased from £2 to £3


 4. Non-members can attend a maximum of three club meetings as a visitor.


 Non-Member  Participation Notes


Non-members are welcome to fully  participate in the summer and winter Safaris on the condition that club members constitute at least half of the team – so, for example,  a team of 4 or 5 can have no more than 2 non-members.’


‘Non-members are also welcome to participate in our summer outings and are encouraged to talk to any of our members if they’re thinking of joining the club when we re-start in September.’


‘Please note that non-members participating in the Safaris and other club related summer activities will not be covered by the club’s third party liability insurance.’

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