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Culross slideshow

We have our Winter Safari early in 2023. This time entirely located in Culross. To inspire our Safari teams please check out this video by Bob Baird.

I enjoy making slideshows from my photographs. Usually to tell a story about a place, or an event or even someone’s life. This one of Culross is a compilation of photographs taken during many visits over at least ten years.. Parked cars are hard to avoid in Culross - even at 5 o'clock on a Sunday morning! I have had to edit quite a few of them out of some of the images, along with wheelie bins, traffic cones, wooden posts, and several other unwanted objects. For those interested, the music tracks used for the soundtrack are: 1) Yvon Gendron - Redites Moi l'Histoire, 2) The Magic Organ - Tavern in the Town, and 3) Yvon Gendron - Ô confie-toi en ton Sauveur.

R.N.Baird (Bob)

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