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Adventures with a Camera - Ep 14, 10th Oct 2022 - Rumbling Bridge

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

The sun, combined with the recent heavy rainfall turned this venture into a truly enjoyable “first Autumn” shoot.

The path on the river Devon Southbank was equipped with conveniently positioned fenced viewing points at the gorge, including a midpoint bridge, and at the double bridge itself. (These were built by the Royal Engineers. The original bridge was built in 1713 and the later bridge in the 19th century.)

Walking across the double Rumbling Bridge, and turning along the North bank path

offered more photo opportunities, but access to the river wasn't as good as the Southbank. The gorge-walk loop crossed the river to the Southbank at the midpoint bridge, retracing our steps back to the car and shortly after, the Powmill Milk bar and a delicious lunch.

Excellent day. Just a pity we didn't get the soft top down on the courtesy car.”

Visit team -

Team guide - Veda Murphy

Elizabeth Monk

Ian Monk

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