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February 2021 - 3rd Monthly - Red Tulip by Kenneth Goodfellow / The Story

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Camera - Canon EOS 70D MKII

Lens - Sigma 18 - 300 Zoom set at 100mm

Mode - Manual

Shutter - 1/250

Aperture - F10

Flash - Yes ring flash

ISO - 400

The photo was taken against a wood effect dark background. The ring flash was set with the right side at half the exposure of the left side. Developed in Lightroom prior to transfer to photoshop where a texture layer was added ( a photo of rust ), the blend mode altered ( probably “screen” but unable to confirm ) and the opacity reduced. Finally a mask was applied to reduce the effect on the flower petals.

The photo of the tulip was taken before lockdown when I was experimenting with

flower photography and the use of the ring flash. The “rust” texture was taken

during a daily exercise walk. The overall image was created for the lockdown safari.

Ken Goodfellow, LRPS CPAGB

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