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Summer Trips - Owl Centre , 22-5

As a group DPA had not visited the OWL centre before. It did not disappoint, and certainly lived to its reputation as the largest collection of OWLs in the world!!

The away team led by Gillian Temple all had the opportunity of an hours close up session with……..a

Tawny Owl called Hosking, Spectacled Owl called Aztec, Magellan Horned Owl called Alicanto, Southern Horned Owl called Lulu, Chaco Owl called Quilla;

and access to the public flight session, both in a large display Arena.

The collection was extensive and took a goodly amount of time to take in on its own. The keepers were extremely knowledgeable and the head keepers owl calls were amazing. We enjoyed the conversation between him and the owls.

The centre Cafe is to be recommended and although we didn't have time ro check it out, there are woodland walks adjacent in Polkemet park.

The away team comprised;

Gillian Temple - Team Leader

Kenneth Goodfellow

David Laingskaill

Dennis Brooks

Ian monk

Elizabeth Monk

All thoroughly enjoyed the session. Definitely worth a visit

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