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RSPB Vane Farm, Loch Leven 15th June

Another splendid DPA Summer Trip. The first of the wildlife shoots this year. Glorious sunshine, great company, good food and despite the warm conditions the subject matter were in adequate numbers.

The team met directly in the the Vane farm cark park before refreshments in the refurbished upstairs restaurant, with its all round view of the site, then setting out for the Lochside hides. This time we did remember to take a team photograph with the help of one of the centres Rangers.

There was not as much activity as had been hoped down at the lochside hides, but enough to interest those with longer lenses. The wildflower fields next to the pathway hosted an huge array of insect life and a variety of bees. A pair of meadow pipets made for an interesting bird in flight challenge, but the swallows were just to random to catch.

Half the team headed for the woods on the hillside south of the centre in search of the red squirrels. Unfortunately none were found.

Some stayed watching the lapwings for a while before heading back and fortunately stopping at the Gillman hide, where the experienced tracker DL spotted the "Purple barrelled" Kingfisher!

With a final stop at the restaurant for lunch another trip came to a satisfactory conclusion.

The Team for this visit, led once again by Gillian Temple and Kenneth Goodfelow were;

Brian Innes

Robin Law

David Lainskaill

Val McManus

Linda Cooper

Marjory McIntosh

Ian Monk

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Jenni Mcluckie
Jenni Mcluckie
Jun 20, 2023

I must come to your next outing.

Jun 20, 2023
Replying to

Remember you need to book a ticket on Isle of May Ferry. 😎👍

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