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Kellie Castle - 26th August 2023

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The Last of the Summer Wine!

The sun shone for our final summer outing to Kellie Castle and its magnificent flower and kitchen gardens. The huge variety of flora and produce, including the amazing sight of kiwi growing outside in Scotland, offered a myriad of opportunities to capture different images of plant and insect life. The profusion of butterflies tested our macro skills outside before a guided tour of the interior of the castle provided opportunities to photograph historical artefacts in an authentic setting. Back outside, the castle itself presented an interesting subject with its nests of swallows or house martins in almost every window frame. Then it was time to relax and enjoy the company and refreshments in the sunny outdoor cafe. A venue I believe all of us would recommend!

Team Leaders : Gillian Temple & Ken Goodfellow


Ian & Elizabeth Monk

Marjory McIntosh

Brian Innes

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