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Isle of May - 2024

by Kenneth Goodfellow

Originally set as a DPA outing, I booked a ticket for the trip to the Isle of

May. Unfortunately the date was fully booked before other members

could attempt to book. as a result I went on my own and decided to

test out my newly acquired Canon 200-800 zoom lens.

The day started out calm and sunny and the crossing was smooth. We

arrived on the Isle of May in good weather with approx 3 hours to

investigate the island. There were approximately 50,000 pairs of puffins

nesting and the terns made a return to breeding after missing last year.

There were the usual kittiwakes, razorbills and guillemots nesting on the

cliffs. 2 female eider ducks had their young ducklings on the reservoir

along with a few puffins. The gulls were nesting on the ground and

annoying passing visitors.

The first hour had good light but this deteriorated throughout the time

leading to high ISOs in the latter stages. My lens performed well though

its weight (similar to the 100-500 zoom lens) started to show after a

while. The wind picked up and was blowing the lens off target at times

making catching birds in flight more difficult to photograph. The

peregrine falcon was seen flying off the south coast. They are nesting

again this year having successfully raised 4 chicks last season.

The first part of the return journey into the wind/waves was interesting

but became easier when we got into the sheltered west side of the

island. We returned to Anstruther with the wind behind us. Minke

whales were seen off the port side by some of the passengers and

crew. Gannets were also noted flying in groups and skimming the water.

We arrived back in harbour before the rains came. All in all a good day

out given that 9 cruises had to be cancelled in May/early June because

of bad weather. Several photos taken on the day are shown below.

Kenneth Goodfellow CPAGB LRPS

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