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Edinburgh Festival Shoot, 20th August 2023

Another excellent day out enjoyed by all the team. Good weather, good company , lots to see and plenty of photographic opportunities during this peak festival time. The team headed out from Waverly train station through the station up Fleshmarket , Close past the scene of a the murder in Ian Rankin's famous Rebus Novel., then via Cockburn street to the Royal Mile. Spoiled for choice with most acts, happy to pose when asked. Although many of the acts had card readers and happily requested tips with a swipe of a card. Great for the artists and convenient for the tourists.

Lunch was taken at Berties "Proper" Fish and Chip restaurant on Victoria Street with good food well appreciated by the team. After another jaunt to see some new acts on the Royal mile the team headed down to the Art Gallery to watch a rather entertaining tight rope walker before heading back to the Kingdom. (Fife.)

Plenty of pictures and a short video to give a flavour of the proceedings

The Team for this trip were;

Gillian Temple - Team Leader

Ian & Elizabeth Monk

Marjory McIntosh

Val McManus

Brian Innes



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