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Annual Competition - Winning Images / The Stories


Canon EOS 5DS, EF 70 - 200mm f2.8 Canon lens with X2 converter, ISO 200, 1/800sec, f5.6

This is a composite of about six images mostly shot at the same venue (Warwick Rodeo, Queensland). I could see this image in my head after I shot the main subjects of the cowboy and the four steer, to separate them from the spectators I added the herd of cattle, knocked back the saturation and added an amount of blur to allow the the main subjects to pop. I wanted to give an appearance of damp weather and as it had been raining earlier that day I had some areas of the arena with puddles, the dusty / misty atmosphere was created by using an image of fog (taken at Milford Sound, New Zealand), rain was then added, this is a very easy technique to create with P.S, lastly to give the appearance of the cattle and cowboy being wet I selected areas and used the plastic wrap tool in P.S, I was pretty pleased with the outcome as that is what I had envisaged, but does look better in print.

David Scott EFIAP, DPAGB


"Angus & Friend" by Ian Monk

Taken at the end of a Lockdown walk, around a wintry Craigluscar hill, when the snow started to fall more heavily. Angus spotted me approaching the reservoir carpark gate. As he advanced with friends, I took a series of shots using a fence post for support, to compensate for the poor light and relatively slow shutter speed. This was one of my favourites - close up with Angus's friend "Hamish" framed to "photobomb" the image.

I mainly use Lightroom. For this I only need to increase exposure, lift shadows then add a little more contrast before using Topaz denoise for lowlight treatment and Nik Silver Efex pro for mono conversion.

Camera Canon EOS 7D MkII,

Lens EF 100-400 IS II USM,

Shutter Speed 1/250 sec

focal length 100mm

Aperture f 4.5

ISO 1250

Ian Monk, CEng MIMC


Peeking Pheasant by Kenneth Goodfellow

This natural history photograph was taken in April 2020 during my permitted exercise walk. I was returning home when I passed a field in which a young crop was growing and I noticed this male pheasant strutting and peering out of the crop.

The ground level of the field was above the track level putting me at eye level to the pheasant. I liked the surrounding effect of the growing crop.

Camera - Canon EOS 7D MkII

Lens - Sigma 50-500mm zoom set at 500mm

Shutter speed - 1/800 sec

Exposed at - F8

ISO - 800

Processed in Adobe Lightroom only. Minor sharpening added along with basic light adjustments and with a slight vignette.

Kenneth Goodfellow, LRPS CPAGB

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