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Annual Competition Winning Colour & Mono images

by David Scott DPAGB, EFIAP



CANON EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II USN

The judge was correct this is a composite image with a salvo of shots taken at Warwick rodeo, I have a lot of respect for these cowboys, it is a tough sport with loads of pretty bad injuries. I always shoot in RAW and in this case with it being a fast moving sport, camera set in ALSERVO, which allows me to grab a salvo of shots with the hope one of them is a keeper. In this case I was looking through my files and came across this set of shots so one rainy afternoon ( yes it does rain in Australia ) I toyed with these images, I had an image I was trying to build up, I was quite pleased with the end result, probably needs a bit more fine tuning.

Just like to add, the standard of photography in this club is very impressive at present, its been great competition this year.



CANON EF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II USN

My apologies for another rodeo / campdraught image, I would prefer taking landscapes but I'm not in Scotland, but I do really enjoy the sights and smells of rodeo day, its such a great opportunity to take these exciting shots of these guys plying their trade in this dangerous sport. Warwick is probably the best rodeo on the calendar.

Fascinated by the skills of the riders co-ordination roping the calves, they only have mere seconds to rope the calf, get off the horse and tie the calves legs, although I do feel a little sorry for the poor calf being chased down. The animals are well looked after and in very healthy condition.

I am drawn to this particular event, I love the dust and dirt kicked up by the beasts, loads of drama and atmosphere, the Canon lens used for these shot is so good, focuses really fast while panning these shots, so I will happily continue to attend these events when possible.

David Scott DPAGB, EFIAP

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