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Adventures with a Camera, Ep 5 - Airth Castle & Dunmore model Village

Starting at Airth Castle, a walk downhill through deciduous woods revealed views of the Castle and the ruined church. On the path behind the church wild flowers attracted butterflies galore, including elusive orange tipped butterflies and a comma butterfly. Contouring back round the castle into the churchyard, the ancient graveyard, with its Mortsafes, were an intriguing sight!

Driving on to Dunmore village, "Formerly known as Elphinstone Pans, the village was entirely rebuilt in the 1840s by the local landowner, the Countess of Dunmore".

we walked round the village modeled on an English estate village of the time with its village green, then out along the man-made dyke along the banks of the Forth finishing off with afternoon afternoon tea, outside in the sun, at Airth Castle.

Away Team,

Vera Murphy

Elizabeth Monk

Ian Monk

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