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Aberdour beach to Hawkcraig point 20th July 2023

As usual, most of the team met at the Halbeath park and ride before piled in to the A-Team van and heading for the upper carpark att the beach before meeting with the advance party at the Beach cafe. Just to verify the teams ability to stick to the agenda, the magnificent 7 are pictured having coffee & cake at the Cafe.

Photographic opportunities with the tide out were plentiful, but the quick sand and lack of wellies limited more adventurous photographic opportunities and the team, now the M7, headed for the cliffs and Hawkcraig pier. Although the light was not optimal, a reasonable crop of images were taken of the pier, with some of the limelight taken by the climbers precariously rappelling down the cliffs behind the pier.

It seemed like a long trek back to the beach Cafe, but a keen eye spotted a £2:50 lobster bisque soup deal at the adjacent Forth view hotel. Ideal! So the team took a quick lunch before heading back to the carpark. A definite addition to the agenda for next time.

The magnificent 7, this time were.

Team leaders;

Gillian Temple

Ken Goodfellow


David Laingskill

Ian & Elizabeth Monk

Jennifer Armstrong

Brian Innes

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