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4th Monthly Winning Colour images!!

I was very honoured to win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions of the Colour section of the 4th Monthly competition.

The 1st place image is a studio shot of a Bride. Draping red and gold materials behind the bride to compliment her outfit, a square crop and a small amount of skin retouching in photoshop was all that was needed. The shot was taken with a Canon 5d, at 50mm with 100 ISO with F7.1 aperture and 125 shutter speed.

The 2nd placed image was taken in the woods in the spring with the bluebells surrounding me in the woods with beautiful soft light under the trees this shot took some time to take waiting on a bird to land on the twig in the bluebells. This was taken with my Canon 5d Mark 4 with a Sigma lens 150-600 at F6.3 shutter speed of 1000 and ISO 3200.

The 3rd placed image was from a shoot I did at stables. It was a very bright hot day with strong contrasty light, so the girl and horse were standing in the doorway to the stable with a black backdrop and light with natural light. I was able to remove any distracting background objects and reduce the saturation of the girls outfit as it was too overpowering for the shot and wanted to have it closer to the colour of the horse. This was taken with my Canon 1DX Mark 2, 24 to 105mm lens at 70mm F3.2, shutter speed 500, and ISO 800.

Gillian Temple LRPS DPAGB - 17/02/22

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