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3rd Monthly - The story behind the Winning Images -

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Camargue Egret - by Ian Monk - Colour Prints - No. 1

The Egret was photographed at one of the lagoons  close to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. A small coastal village in the South of France.   I was trying to capture some of the many flamingos in the distance, but they were too far distant for a decent shot. luckily I spotted the Egret in reeds at edge of the Lagoon. I took advantage of  some nearby rocks in the water to move closer and  improve the angle and keep some of  the reeds to show its habitat.


The image was taken with a Canon R5 with an RF 100-500 lens at focal distance of 360 mm, a fstop of f7.1 and a shutter speed 1/2000s. I processed the image wholly in Lightroom; mainly to enhance the whites, add a little contrast ,clarity and dehaze then a final crop and dust spot removal.

The image was printed from photoshop using Lustre 300 paper and my Canon iP8750 printer with Canon inks.  Ian G Monk


Beyond Elgol - by David Scott - Mono Prints no 1.

Beyond Elgol : I took this image a couple of years ago, we spent a few days near the Isle of Skye, so I had to take in a few locations on the island, it was early Spring so there was still snow on the Cuillins. Of course, this was taken from Elgol, so many interesting foreground features. I set up a tripod, camera set up with a Lee 0.6 ND filter and a 0.6 graduated filter to expose for the sky, this gave me 2 seconds at f/16, ISO 50 so I could achieve the desired movement of the water, a simple mono conversion and crop on Photoshop.

Equipment used : Canon eos 5ds, Canon 16-35mm lens, Lee filters and my travel tripod.

David M Scott.

Talking Anemones - by Gillian Temple - No 1 PDI

his is a studio shot of two Anemones arranged to look like they are talking to each other by using clamps. I used a black background and studio lights to light them. A crop in Photoshop then a stroke line added to edge the picture. I used a Canon R5 with an adaptor and a Canon EF 24-105 mm lens with Manual settings 1/80 sec F11 and ISO 200 set up on a tripod. Gillian Temple

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