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3rd Monthly 2022. The story behind the winning Images

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

1st Colour Print- Feeling Blue by David Bolton {DPA Club Secretary)

This image was taken at the Edinburgh Festival with a Canon 7D DSLR using an 18 to 250mm zoom lens. The initial background was a stone pillar which I overlaid with a texture to strengthen the image of the artiste . The image was smoothed using Topaz Denoise , contrast was increased using Curves in Photoshop and sharpened selectively with Photoshop's High Pass filter .

David Bolton DPAS Club Secretary

1st Mono Print - Cullen Harbour by Allan Petrie

The picture at Cullen harbour was taken in April of this year, it was a pretty windy day and the rain was coming in. The shot itself was 1/640 ad f/13 ISO 800. I wanted to try a reasonably fast shutter speed to freeze the wave coming over the wall. There was cropping, straightening and spot removal done in lightroom with a further conversion to B&W in silver Efex.

1st DPI - The Inevitable by David Scott

The Inevitable - Again, shot recorded at the rodeo, rider trying and failing to control the Bronco, with help at hand.

I thought this image more suited the mono treatment with a high degree of contrast, I like the final result, I thought it shows the high drama in this event. I kept to my system of clearing the background of distractions and adding the dust to help create the drama.


LENS 70-200mm f/2.8


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