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2nd Monthly - the story behind the winning images

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

1st Colour print - by Allan Petrie

The image was taken at around 6am on the August bank holiday. I had planned the shot using photopills as I wanted to capture the sun coming up under the bridges. The weather didn't turn out as I had expected however the very subtle colours worked well.

The picture itself is a merge of 3 bracketed shots and combined using DXO HDR efex pro2. Further minor edits were done using lightroom/ photoshop.

I used a canon r6 with a EF10-22 lens. It was taken at 10mm at f/11 iso100. The maximum exposure on this one was 1second

1st Mono print by Gillian Temple

The Driver – this was taken at a local event when this man was walking by and I took a candid shot of him. The lighting was right for a natural shot without any additional light or flash. I wanted the shot natural so no need to pose. The shot was taken at F5.6 to blow out the background at 35mm Canon R5 with a 24-105 mm lens. Turned into Black and White in Photoshop with very little edit.

1st Digital image by David Scott

Image take at Warwick rodeo pre-covid, I know I enter quite a lot of this type of image, I just love the whole atmosphere of the place.

The background was a bit busy so I eliminate this with the dust overlay, which in reality is in fact fog, so I adjust the colour and contrast in the fog to try and make it more convincing, I selected this image as I feel it is nice and sharp and liked the bright colour of the cowboys shirt, I didn't need to do too much editing to the main subjects, just levels, curves and bit dodging and burning.

Canon EOS 5D

lens EF 70-200mm f/2.8

David Scott EFIAP, DPAGB

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