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2nd Monthly 2023/2. The Story behind the winning images

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Colour Prints - Gillian Temple


I would like to say I waited until I was in the right position for the light, and the Bee facing the camera before ensuring both the bee and the flower were in focus... but this was taken while I sat on the bank of the Loch waiting on the Osprey coming in, and enjoyed watching the bees busy at work.

I was using my Canon R5 with my 100 - 500 mm lens with the 2x extender. This shot was taken at 600mm.

In post production I used Lightroom for the initial exposure tweeks, then cropped in Photoshop.


Mono Prints - Dave Scott


I took several shots of this woman horse rider, she looked so comfortable with the horse and was clearly enjoying her moment, this sang out as a mono, the light and the detail I managed to achieve was so satisfying and it always great to see these images on a nice fine art medium.

Canon EOS SDS, Canon 70-200mm f2.4 lens.


Digital Image - David Scott


You have to be quick taking these shots, as soon as they emerge from the gate you just keep shooting, some pay off some don't, I got this one nice and sharp, good expression on the riders face and his hat off laying in the dust so it gives us a bit of a story, the side light from the left gave the image a dramatic feel, one of my favourites.

Canon EOS5DS, Canon 70-200mm f2.4 lens.


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