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2023/24 Season Welcome Back

Tuesday 12th September was our opening night of the Season. It gave members the opportunity to welcome new members and check out what's on in this years syllabus. Thanks to our syllabus secretary, it is full of top quality talks to accompany our competition events. Members enjoyed an a talk from our President outlining the creative opportunities of AI/Generative Fill in Photoshop Beta. In his words;

"Last night I gave a talk on the effects of AI on the world of creating images through the use of AI/Generative Fill in Photoshop Beta.

The images shown included some created solely by the use of generative fill and some by using a genuine photograph which was manipulated using different levels of luminosity of Quick Mask using “TK Gen Fill” a free to download from Tony Kuyper.

Attached are some of the images shown along with a sequence showing the effect of different levels of Quick Mask luminosity has on a standard image.

I hope you enjoyed the presentation and that it gave you something to think about with regard to the ever evolving use of AI."

Ken Goodfellow

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