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Episode 3.
28/03/2022  THE PINEAPPLE  - The National Trust for Scotland

An interesting trip to the Dunmore Pineapple, a unique folly, with  its orchard of cherry trees, then on to the family seat and dilapidated stable block of the family who built it, the Earls of Dunmore. An accessible path and a weather window of great light topped off with an apres coffee at the nearby Airth Castle.

The pineapple was built in 1761 by the 4th Earl of Dunmore, John Murray as a birthday present for his wife Charlotte,  a summerhouse where they could appreciate the views from the estate, and where they could grow exotic fruits including  the pineapple which was a status symbol representing the power and wealth of the period.

How to get there

Participating members - Veda Murphy, Ian & Elizabeth Monk

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