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Adventures with Camera - Ep1, 22/02/2022  CAMBO ESTATE SNOWDROPS 

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

A visit, on a beautiful February day to the annual Snowdrop Festival at Cambo house, near Kingsbarnes in Fife which hosts the national collection of 300 snowdrops. The Woodland walks are lined with clumps and swathes of all the different varieties with a smattering of aconites and a meander to the sea and through the walled garden reveals winter grasses and ironwork sculptures before a foray into the glasshouse with its bowls of fragrant hyacinth and lovely peach blossom. Then try the extensive café for a welcome respite where snowdrops are on sale at the adjoining gift shop.

Participating members, Veda Murphy, Ian & Elizabeth Monk

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