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4th Monthly 2023. The story behind the winning images.

1st Colour Image - 'Guarding the Door 'by Gillian Temple

Guarding the Door - This is a church wall and a studio portrait blending together in photoshop.

1st Mono Image - 'A Man with his Stick' by Gillian Temple

This is also a studio shot - using a main studio light with an addition light to lift the shadows.

Other Winning images by Gillian


2 Times gone by - This is also a composite image using a landscape, a ruin and a portrait and blending together in photoshop.

4 Eyes on the Finish Line - this was taken at the Scottish Coal Race in Kelty. Using a shallow depth of field kept the runner in focus and blurring out the background. I positioned myself on the road ready to catch the runners just as they came up the hill to the finish line.

5A path through the woods - This is also a studio shot and then placing the girl into a woodland scene and adding the yellow glow of the lamp in photoshop.


2 One for the road - This is a studio shot, and using a simple glass and a chair as props.

3 The Clippies - This is a composite image taken on the same day, positioning the clippies in front of the bus to tell a story.


2 Curious Squirrel - Waiting until the Squirrel was in the right position and then capturing the moment with a fast shutter speed and shallow depth of field.

DPI 5 Young Nuthatch - Using a fast shutter speed to capture this young Nuthatch as it came into the woodland clearing to eat some nuts.

!st Digital Image - 'Lekkerwater Sunrise' by Ian Monk

'Lekkerwater Sunrise' was taken from a rocky outcrop near the De Hoop Nature reserve Lodge at Lekkerwater a couple of hours before breakfast. The name Lekkerwater means "Good Water" in Afrikans. The 34 000-hectare onshore reserve extends 10km into the Atlantic with all shipping prohibited to protect the breeding 'grounds' of the Southern Right Whale and the amazing marine life.

I used a Canon R6 with RF 24-105 lens set at F11, and exposure bracketed three shots nominally 1/200, sec which were combined later in photoshop. I didn't use lightroom for the HDR as photoshop usually does a better job of alignment. The rest of the editing was done in lightroom, with only some adjustments to temp, contrast, shadows, clarity and saturation and increasing the blacks in areas in shade and some masked sharpening.

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